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You don’t have to wait till you want to set up a gym in your garage before thinking of a cleanout. A garage cleanout not only gives you more space for your work and play – it helps you create more floor space in your garage and get rid of clutter, avoiding potential hazards that could occur.

Just like most cleaning services, cleaning out a garage can look like a lot of work, especially when you’re not sure where to start.

Do you start with the old lawn equipment? Or the kids’ old bikes? Or maybe you should just start a garage sale to see if you can get rid of some of the clutter and free up some space. Whatever decision you think of, the easy solution will always be to hire a professional and have it done for you.

It can be a bit difficult especially if the clutter took some years to accumulate in your garage, you will need a garage cleanout and there are a few ways you can go about this process.

Cleaning out the garage gives will make you feel better every time you walk in. It’s amazing the satisfaction that comes from having an open area for the car or projects – or both!

Indio The Hauler will be glad to get this work done for you.  We’ll have a quick discussion about what stays, what goes and the best way to get it done. Your garage will be spik and span before you know it!

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Garage Cleanout Options


One of the more popular ways to clean out your garage is to organize a garage sale. This is especially useful if you need some extra money and you have enough time on your hands to execute this. But think about this, no one would want to turn up to a garage sale if the garage is disorganized, with several potentially harmful objects jutting out here and there. This leads us to the second simple option… finding a garage cleanout professional.

A professional can help you clean out your garage and restore order in that space, letting you keep objects of value and taking care of the other junk that made your garage clustered. A professional can help you get rid of the unnecessary stuff, helping you retain the valuables, and perhaps, you can still get your garage sale and make some extra money after we do the hard work.

Whether the items are neatly stacked or scattered all over the place – Indio The Hauler is ready to sift through your items and remove everything that’s not needed. 

We will work efficiently while also being careful not to throw away something that might be valuable to you. This is one of the reasons our service is considered the best around!

Garage Cleanout at Affordable Rates


We know how important your budget is when trying to get the right garage cleanout services, and we at Indio The Hauler cater to this with flexible rates and the best value in the business. This way, our services are available to you at affordable rates, as you won’t need to break the bank to clear your garage of clutter.

Give us a call or fill out our form and we’ll show you just how affordable working with us can be!

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Getting The Right Hands For The Job


Now you know what to do and who to reach out to, but how do you determine who’s right for the job? Well, it’s pretty simple, if you are currently reading this, chances are you’re in the right place already! With Indio The Hauler, you can retake control of your garage and push that clutter out of your space forever.

Our professionals are dedicated, committed, and follow a systematic and measured approach, only getting rid of what you do not want in your garage.

At Indio The Hauler, we do not just practice safety… we live it. This is why we strive to make our work environment as safe as possible, observing all necessary safety precautions. This way, we never have to put anyone in harm’s way while getting our job done efficiently.

However, if you’re not very certain you need a garage cleanout yet, you can get on a call with us and we’ll be ready to listen to you and perhaps, recommend other ways to help you declutter.

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