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Struggling to replace that hot tub or spa in your home and not sure how to remove the old one? There’s no need to worry! What you need is hot tub removal service from Indio The Hauler. A hot tub & spa removal service helps you extract that hot tub from your home and get rid of it safely. This can either create space for a new one, or free up the area for something great!

You see, removing a hot tub isn’t something just anyone can do, it’s something that requires expertise, accuracy, and experience… just what we have in abundance. Getting the right professionals to handle your spa and hot tub extraction cannot get any easier, as Indio The Hauler will help you get the job done right, paying premium attention to all of the complicated parts of your tub and ensuring nothing gets broken.

We will help you remove your spa or hot tub, and dispose of it in the safest way possible. Not to worry, if you do not want to dispose it of yet, we can remove it and hand it back to you in a good state, letting you do whatever you want with it.

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Efficient Hot Tub & Spa Removal


Almost everyone loves having a hot tub or spa in their home, but what happens when it deteriorates and you need to get rid of it? Easy, you get a professional to help with this process. A hot tub removal is not as simple as it sounds, in fact, it can be very complicated work and is best left to professionals.  If you want a clean, efficient removal that poses no danger or disfigures your space in any way – give us a call!

Getting professionals to help you with this task in Florida can be challenging, but this is where we come in. Indio The Hauler provides top-quality hot tub & spa removal services (amidst other services), helping you maintain the aesthetics of your space and define it just the way you want.

And if you’re not certain a hot tub removal is what you need just yet, then get on the phone with us and we’ll be happy to listen to you and see how we can help!

Our team of well-trained professionals is extremely mindful throughout the entire process, making sure we adhere to every safety precaution and get the job done most efficiently for you.



On average, a hot tub removal costs between $200 and $750, with some factors like the size of the hot tub coming to play. However, we at Indio The Hauler understand how costs can be a challenge to some homeowners and that is why we make our service affordable to different types of homeowners.

Our direct approach to pricing means that we provide you with cost estimates of the removal, helping you budget just the right amount for this project.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best value in the business. You’ll feel our high level of customer support, from the first call to the last item removed.

Getting The Right Hands For The Job


One truth about hot tub & spa removal is, not every removal company knows how to handle this complicated process properly. I’m sure you do not want to ruin the skirt, shell, or any of the mechanical parts of the tub, as you will want professionals that can disassemble the hot tub properly without any challenges.

This is why getting us to handle your hot tub & spa removal is important, as we pay utmost attention to even the smallest chinks, making sure nothing is ever out of place. We are also safety conscious and ensure we use only the right equipment and protective gear during our operation.

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