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Done with that much-needed home remodeling, but have no idea what to do with the piles of wood, gravel, and glass lying around? Then what you need is construction debris removal from Indio The Hauler.

While construction and remodeling projects help us create new, amazing structures that reflect our style and living needs, the process typically leads to a buildup of debris. The thing with this debris is, not just anyone can handle its cleanup.  Sometime’s the leftover materials are heavy, awkward or dangerous. It’s much better to have a professional service haul these materials away than to take a risk or use your valuable time.

You see, getting rid of construction debris properly and safely is a very important, high-priority service which cannot just be left to anybody. It is not just enough to have the right tools to get the job done, you also need to know how to handle the different types of debris properly and know how to dispose of them safely, which is why you should have qualified professionals take care of it.

Types of Debris We Dispose of:








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Construction debris removal is a sensitive process that requires caution and expertise. This is because construction debris comes in different types and sizes, with piles of wood, gravel, steel, general trash, concrete, and drywall making up most of this debris. These different materials require different methods of removal and disposal, showing clearly why it is a job for professionals.

At Indio The Hauler, we are well trained and properly equipped to handle these different types of debris, making sure no one gets hurt in the process and getting that unsightly remains out of your space and mind.

Facts About Construction Debris Removal


First and foremost, construction debris removal is a very specialized service that requires total attention to detail and a proper understanding of the disposal methods. You also need to know that most individuals do not have the necessary machinery (like trucks) or expertise to get rid of bulk waste as quickly as they would love.

Another important reality about construction debris removal service is many homeowners who need these services do seem to call in at the last minute, giving the impression they are desperate and would accept a service that is not of the best quality. This does not have to be you, as you can always place a call to us in good time, as we will be ready to listen to you and find out how to help you in every way possible.

No matter what the debris or size of the job – Indio The Hauler is ready to get to work! It’s time to reap the benefits of your new construction without the pain of seeing the mess left behind.

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Affordable Construction Debris Removal


The fact that debris removal is a thorough and challenging process does not mean you should break the bank to get this done. We understand this at Indio The Hauler and this is why our services are reasonably priced and affordable, as we take into consideration the type and quantity of debris you need to get rid of.

We pride ourselves as straight shooters in the industry and this is why we always provide estimates for our customers, helping them get an idea of how much money is needed to get rid of the debris in their space.

Getting The Right Hands For The Job


Now you understand what construction debris removal is all about and why it is best left to the professionals. The next question is… how do you get these professionals to take care of your debris removal for you? It is pretty simple, all you need to do is give us a call and let us know what you need done.  At the end of this session, we will get our team of experienced professionals to give you an estimate of the cost and we’ll be ready to swing into action.

However, if we realize after this call that debris removal is not what you need at this point, we will be happy to suggest other services to you.

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